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Music by Jonathan Price

Libretto by Jeff Goode, Jan Michael Alejandro, and Jonathan Price

Five chamber operas inspired by the fables of Aesop.  THE LION & THE WOOD NYMPH is the winner of New Opera Works' OIAM compeition, and the entire collection is the recipient of The American Composers Forum's Subito Grant.

"...Price's luscious music...beautiful soaring melodies...a sophisticated evening of classical entertainment." -Ellen Dostal, Musicals in LA

"The score is just what I love to see from modern composers who care about their audience: Price does not shy away from modern techniques and sonorities, but while there is no doubt that this is a contemporary work, it is melodic, and lyrical, full of lush harmonies and textures that serve the stories first, supporting their drama, their humor and the deep emotions portrayed onstage."  -Lauri Goldenhersh, Lauri's List

"This production is truly a creative, powerful re-examination and re-interpretation of the classic Aesop's fables... Between elaborate costumes, an authentic Roman set, haunting, stirring melodies based on riddles, and beloved, timeless fables, the talented ensemble maintains a comfortable, natural rapport, with a full range of emotions and vocals, bringing opera to the masses... Aesopera is sure to appeal to opera lovers and novices, of every generation, with its amazing, inspiring lyrics and grand drama." —Bonnie Priever, The Tolucan Times